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  2. In what format do you wish to receive the information?
    Requested items will not be mailed, emailed, or faxed until payment is received.
  3. Police Recording Requirements
    If you are requesting video footage from the Police Department, the following information must be included in your request. * Time and date of recording. * Specific location where the recording occurred. * Name of one or more individuals known to be a subject in the recording.
  4. If requesting an Accident or Incident Report, please include report number and date of event.
  5. Please specify dates or approximate dates of requested information if known.
  6. NOTES:
  7. • There is no requirement for a governmental agency to create new documents or answer questions; the City will search existing records for responsive information.
  8. • The City has 10 business days to reply to your request; however, the City will promptly produce information as soon as possible under the circumstances without delay.
  9. • If a request for information will result in charges of more than $40, a governmental body must send a cost estimate to the requestor before doing any work on the request.
  10. • If the City requests clarification and we do not hear back from you within 61 days, your request will be withdrawn and you must submit a new request.
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