How do I access my account online?

From our Catalog/My Account menu tab on the library’s main webpage, look for the box on the upper-right corner that reads: “Log in to library account.”

Enter all the numbers from the barcode on the back of your library card (without spaces), and then enter your password which is your telephone number (also without spaces or dashes).

Once you've opened up your account, you can:

  • Renew your items
  • Place a reserve hold on a book, a DVD, or an audiobook
  • Determine due dates for items you checked out
  • Find out if you owe fines
  • Find out if the items you have on reserve have arrived
  • Ask us to obtain an item that we don't have, either by purchasing it for the library collection or by using Interlibrary Loan to borrow it from another library
  • Sign up to be automatically put on hold for new releases from your favorite authors
  • Defer your reserves for a period of time when you are out of town
  • See a list of all the books you have read under “History”
  • Place the title of a book that you wish to read in the future under “Bookmarks”

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