Sign Permit

In accordance with City of Garden Ridge Ordinance 55, no person may construct, reconstruct, place, install, or relocate any sign without first obtaining a sign permit from the city.  Changing of the complete sign message, alterations to the sign, or major repairs (replacement of more than twenty (20) percent of the original sign) shall not be considered normal maintenance and will require a permit.  No permit will be issued for a proposed sign that will cause the aggregate of all signs on the property to exceed the square footage allowed for in Ordinance 55.  A permit is not required for temporary signs.

Each application for a sign permit must be accompanied by the appropriate fee established by the city. Properly issued permits expire within sixty (60) days following the issuance of a permit. 

Print an application here. Once filled out, please deliver to City Hall or email Nancy Cain

Submit an online application here. City staff will contact you in regards to the fee and permit status.