City Pet License Registration


All cats and dogs over four (4) months of age within the city limits must be registered. Registration can be completed with the forms below or through the Garden Ridge Animal Hospital. If you happen to visit the Garden Ridge Animal Hospital for your pet's rabies vaccinations, then you may also complete your annual City registration! It's truly a one stop shop for your animals. 

Pet license renewals are due in January of each year. Failure to register pets each year may result in a fine up to $500.

Yearly registration requirements:

  • Application Options- printable form or online submission

  • Current copy of rabies certificate by licensed veterinarian 

    • What makes up the requirements for a rabies certificate:
        (1) custodian's name, address, and telephone number;
        (2) animal identification-species, sex (including neutered if applicable), approximate age, size (pounds), predominant breed, and colors;
        (3) vaccine used-product name, manufacturer, and serial number;
        (4) date vaccinated;
        (5) revaccination due date;
        (6) rabies tag number if a tag is issued;
        (7) veterinarian's signature, signature stamp, or computerized signature, plus address and license number.

  • $10.00 tag fee (per animal)

You can now pay online for your pet tag! Click here.