Speaking at City Council or Commission Meetings

Rules for Citizen’s Participation:

The City Council/Commission welcomes citizen participation and comments at all of their Meetings. The City Council/Commission offers citizens the opportunity to address them by signing up to speak prior to the meeting. As a courtesy to your fellow citizens and out of respect for our elected officials, we request that if you speak, you follow these guidelines:

a)  Respect and courtesy:

  1. Direct your comments to the entire City Council/Commission, not to an individual member, nor to the audience.
  2. Show the City Council/Commission the same respect that you would like to be shown.
  3. End your speaking at the time allotted below.

b)  Speaking:

1. First citizen comment period

  • You are required to sign up to speak and you are limited to one (3) minute period.

2. Second citizen comment period

  • You are not required to sign up and you are limited to one (2) minute period.

3. State your name and address before your comments begin.

4. You are only allowed to speak once per topic, unless also speaking during a posted Public Hearing 

NOTE: The Texas Open Meetings Act permits a member of the public or a member of the governmental body to raise a subject that has not been included in the notice for the meeting. However, any discussion of the subject must be limited to a proposal to place the subject on the agenda for a future meeting and any response to a question posed to the City Council/Commission is limited to either a statement of specific factual information or a recitation of existing policy. Tex. Gov’t Code § 551.042.

Speaking Directions

For all who wish to address the City Council or Commission during the meeting, please sign in at the table on the left side in the City Council Chambers.

We also ask that you are familiar with the rules listed above.