Wildflower Room
The Community and Event Center offers a private, relaxing setting with easy convenient parking. We encourage you to tour the Community and Event Center in consideration of your next corporate meeting or special event. The Wildflower Room ensures that your every need is met while providing the flexibility to stay on budget and allow you to handle elements of your event that you wish to do yourself.

Tables and chairs are provided to seat 300 people, though the facility will hold more than that comfortably. The maximum capacity for the Wildflower Room is 600 people. A stage is available for your band or DJ. The Wildflower Room also provides electronic equipment with speakers throughout, a ceiling mounted projector, Wi-Fi, and a dropdown screen.

The Wildflower Room is designed to meet your needs for any number of social or corporate events including:

  • Company Parties/Business Functions/Corporate Meetings/Sales Meetings
  • Awards Banquets/Volunteer Recognition Banquets
  • Charity Events/Auctions/EXPO
  • Alumni Associations/Fundraising & Association Meetings
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries/Proms/Graduations/Memorial Services
  • Weddings/Wedding Receptions/Renewal of Vows
  • Family Reunions/High School Reunions
  • And much more!

Bluebonnet Room
The Bluebonnet Room comes with a private restroom and adjoining doors into both the kitchen and Wildflower Room. There is also an outside private entrance into the Bluebonnet Room. Tables and chairs are provided to seat 30 people comfortably. The maximum capacity for the Bluebonnet Room is 40 people.

The Bluebonnet Room is a spacious but intimate room that meets the needs of a variety of small events including:

  • Birthday Parties/Anniversaries/Bridal Showers/Baby Showers
  • Poker Nights/Bunco Nights
  • Meetings/Alumni Associations/Art and Craft Lessons
  • Private Sports Parties/Fantasy Sports Draft Parties
  • Wedding Party or Bridal Party Room
  • And much more!

The spacious kitchen has a private entrance as well as entrance to the BBQ Room, Wildflower Room, and Bluebonnet Room. The kitchen is equipped with a roll down window and serving counter. The well stocked kitchen provides:

  • 2 Stoves
  • 1 Double Door Commercial Refrigerator
  • 1 Single Home Style Refrigerator
  • Microwave and Cart
  • 6 Stainless Steel Tables
  • 3 Compartment Sinks
  • 1 Stainless Steel Shelving Rack
  • 1 Kitchen Trash Can

Concession Room
The Concession Room is a bonus space with it's own serving window to the spacious patios that includes:

  • Ice Machine
  • 8 Brute Trash Cans
  • 1 Single Door Home Style Refrigerator
  • 1 Chest Freezer
  • 8 Grocery Baskets
  • Beverage Tub
  • Assortments of Mops & Brooms

The Community and Event Center has three covered patios with ceiling fans to help keep your guests comfortable while they enjoy the scenic hill country views. Two of the three patios have roll up doors to assist with quick set up and clean up. The large covered patio provides an open feel so your guests can enjoy the outdoors. These unique patios will allow you to spread your event out into different areas, giving your guests other options to relax and enjoy themselves.