Wildlife Management Advisory Commission


  • 6:00 pm
  • Third Monday of every even month
  • City Council Chambers
    9400 Municipal Pkwy.
    Garden Ridge, TX 78266

Composition, Purpose and Duties

The City of Garden Ridge Wildlife Management Advisory Commission serves in an advisory capacity only and has no authority to establish policy, regulations or procedures for the City.   Ordinance 196- Creating the Commission and Ordinance 210- Boards and Commissions provides the rules as a member.

Composition. The Wildlife Management Advisory Commission shall be composed of seven residents appointed by the City Council.  A member of the City Council will be a non-voting, ex officio member of the Commission.

CommissionerPositionAppointedCurrent Term Expires
David Krawczynski, ChairPlace 1May 2017September 2021
Dean LemmersPlace 2February 2021September 2021
Ken Kneupper, Vice-Chair
Place 3May 2017September 2021
Dr. Denise Miner-WilliamsPlace 4October 2019September 2022
Paul Sullivan
Place 5May 2017September 2021
Troy BippertPlace 6July 2018September  2022
Shannon Drichta
Place 7September 2019September 2022
Mayor Pro-Tem Lisa Swint, Ex-Officio

Purpose and Duties. The Wildlife Commission performs the following duties and accomplishes the following purposes:

  1. Study the feasibility of managing the wildlife populations, with emphasis on white-tailed deer, within the City of Garden Ridge consistent with laws and regulations of the State of Texas;
  2. Research and provide advice to the City Council on wildlife management, with an emphasis on white-tail deer management methods, tools, and options consistent with laws and regulations of the State of Texas;
  3. Conduct public hearings and surveys to obtain a consensus of the residents’ position on wildlife management with priority and emphasis on the management of white-tailed deer;
  4. Estimate and monitor the wildlife populations of animals studied as part of a yearly census, particularly white-tailed deer, consistent with methodology acceptable to Texas Parks and Wildlife Division;
  5. Work with Texas Parks and Wildlife to create a comprehensive deer management plan and determining the requirements for long-term sustainability of a successful deer management plan;
  6. Research and consider alternate approaches to deer management and prepare report suitable for presentation to Texas Parks and Wildlife for consideration of legislative changes;
  7. Initiate communication and public education programs for the community regarding wildlife management, deer management and other wildlife issues;
  8. Attend training provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife or other sources every two years;
  9. Assist the City with the preparation of all Texas Parks and Wildlife Division related documentation;
  10. Assist the City with the implementation and execution of the deer management program adopted by City Council currently existing and as amended;
  11. Create a survey to allow for resident’s input;
  12. Recommend procedures for accurate record keeping and reporting for the deer management program;
  13. Submit a monthly report of updates of the Commission and be present during the City Council Regular Meetings;
  14. Provide an annual report to the City Council that shall include, but not be limited to, a review of the effects, both positive and negative, the deer population is having on the City (including changes in browse lines, deer trails, negative deer-human contacts, deer struck by vehicles); the number of deer removed under a state permit the prior year; surveys, educations presentations, deer counts conducted and a recommendation for the coming years deer management strategy and budget.

Are you interested in assisting with the deer counts? If so, please contact the City Secretary.

The City of Garden Ridge provides the following information concerning wildlife management in the City.

Ordinance 186 - Prohibiting the Feeding of Deer

Managing Overabundant White-Tailed Deer

White-Tail Deer Biology and Urban Management

The Unknowns

*  You can find Agendas and Minutes on the Agenda link.  Please remember Minutes are not placed on the website until after they have been approved and signed.