Oak Wilt

In an effort to maintain the beauty Garden Ridge enjoys from its numerous oak trees and to prevent and combat the spreading of destructive oak wilt, the City Council approved Ordinance 71 on March 5, 2014 and amended it on October 5, 2016.

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Help us fight Oak Wilt in Garden Ridge

Since 2013 the City of Garden Ridge has had threeconfirmed cases of Oak Wilt.  Two of thecases have been treated and are contained. The third case was discovered in late November and is located in PaulDavis Park.  We are currently undertakingefforts to mitigate and contain the disease in this area.  Oak Wilt is a very serious pathogen that candestroy entire areas of our prized oak trees.  We ask each and every resident to help us fight this devastating disease.   Please consider the following:

  • Trimoaks only between July 1 and January 31. 
  • Paintall wounds on oak trees immediately after trimming, even if they are caused byyard equipment or acts of nature.   Thisis mandatory.
  • Remindyour neighbors to paint wounds on oak trees.
  • Reportunpainted wounds on oak trees to the City.  
  • Tightlycover red oak firewood that has not completely dried. 
  • Becomeeducated on Oak Wilt.

Education Videos for Oak Wilt

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Additional Education Information

Oak Wilt information

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If you suspect an oak tree is infected please contact the city immediately at 210-651-6632

Ourtrees are important to us and to fight this disease

itwill take all of us working to together!