Capital Improvements Advisory Committee


This Committee meets as needed. The Committee sets its own meeting dates and times which do not interfere with regularly scheduled City Council or other Commission meetings. Each meeting typically last 2 to 3 hours. The Committee also selects a Chair and Vice Chair. 


The Capital Improvements Advisory Committee is a Committee that is established by Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code. It is composed of five (5) members, of which 40% of the membership (2 members) must be from the real estate, development, or building industries. For the three (3) remaining positions, the City has historically appointed one member from the Planning and Zoning Commission, one member from the Water Commission, and one citizen. All members must be residents of the City of Garden Ridge. 

The City Council adopted Procedural Rules for the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee and the current members appointed by the Garden Ridge City Council are:

  • Kerim Jacaman - Planning and Zoning Commission Representative
  • Walter Lamar - Building Industry Representative
  • Ohm Culpepper - Real Estate Industry Representative
  • Armando Diaz - Citizen Representative


The City of Garden Ridge Capital Improvements Advisory Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on adoption of master plans and associated impact fees for the Wastewater Master Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and Water Master Plan. 

The Committee meets as needed when master plans are recommended or need to be updated. During the Committee’s review of master plans, there is not a set time limit for review since the documents can be rather complex and the Committee needs to thoroughly understand and review them in order to make a recommendation to City Council concerning the plan and associated impact fees. The City Engineer will present and explain the plan during the Committee’s first meeting and is available to meet with the Committee as needed during the review/study of Master Plans. The City Administrator and Department Head for the respective plan attend the meetings to assist with review and questions.