Boards & Commissions

Garden Ridge City Commissions

Garden Ridge City government offers a number of ways for its citizens to become actively involved in their local government.  City commissions and committees assist the City Council with making decisions for the betterment of our great City.  In addition to the opportunity citizens have to express their thoughts at City Council meetings and public hearings, Garden Ridge citizens also may apply to serve on one of the commissions or committees.

Membership on these commissions and committees is open to all Garden Ridge citizens.  Members serve without monetary compensation and are appointed by the City Council.  All commissions and committees are recommending bodies to the City Council.  Vacancies occur on these commissions and committees from time to time and there is a need for citizens who have a desire to serve the City and be closer to the action.  See Ordinance 210 - Boards and Commissions for more details.  The City committees and commissions are:

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