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The City of Garden Ridge Mayor and City Council

                       About the Garden Ridge City Council

The City Council of Garden Ridge is a General Law Type A municipality.

The City Council is composed of the Mayor and five councilmembers elected at large.  The Mayor is the presiding officer of the City Council.  A Mayor Pro Tem is elected from its membership who will act as Mayor during the absence or disability of the Mayor.  

The Mayor and each Councilmember will hold office for a period of two years until his or her successor is elected and qualified.  No person shall be deemed elected to an office unless that person received the majority of the votes casted.  Regular City Council elections are held on the general election day in May of each year.

The City Council enacts policies, adopts ordinances and resolutions, establishes the annual budget to provide services to the public, and sets the city tax rate and water rates for Garden Ridge. 

The City Council invites you to attend all council meetings and commission meetings.  These meetings are open to the public. The City Council also encourages citizens to attend and participate in city government.

City Council Meetings
6:00 pm     First Wednesday of each month 

City Council Meeting locations
City of Garden Ridge City Hall Council Chambers
9400 Municipal Pkwy. 
Garden Ridge, TX 78266 

Mayor and Councilmember Qualifications- Type A City (Local Gov't Code, Section 22.032) 

The Mayor and each Council member must be a citizen of the United States, qualified voter of the State of Texas, registered voter within City of Garden Ridge by the filing deadline, and be 18 years of age.

The Mayor must have resided for at least one year within the state prior to the filing deadline and 1 year in the City of Garden Ridge prior to Election Day.  The Aldermen (City Council) must have resided for at least one year within the State of Texas prior to the filing deadline and 6 months in the City of Garden Ridge prior to filing deadline.
                           Meet the current Mayor and City Councilmembers



                                             Larry Thompson,

        John McCaw.jpg                                     Robb Erickson.jpg
          John R. McCaw,                                  Robb Erickson,       
       Alderman / Place 1/                             Alderman/ Place 2        
          Mayor Pro Tem                                        


    Bryan Lantzy.jpg               Todd Arvidson.jpg             Kay Bower.jpg

      Bryan Lantzy               Todd Arvidson            Kay Bower
    Alderman/Place 3        Alderman/Place 4       Alderman/Place 5  

To find out more about the Mayor or a City Councilmember or email them, click on their name above.

Contact Mayor and City Council

Mayor and City Council members appreciate hearing from residents about issues and concerns related to the Garden Ridge community and items scheduled for consideration by City Council. Email   to contact City Councilmembers as a body or email them directly.  Clicking on the Mayor’s or Councilmember’s name above will take you to their individual pages and email address.  

In the event that you have questions about routine city programs and services or to report issues such as potholes, damaged trees, dead animals, code enforcement complaints or other issues, or would like to provide input please use the City Concern/Input form. This allows staff to direct your question, concern or comment to the appropriate department for response.  This also provide City staff with information regarding the needs of Garden Ridge residents.

You can also contact the Mayor, City Councilmember and City Administrator at (210) 651-6632.

You can also speak during the Citizen Comment Period at all City Council Meetings or provide your input

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Know the Facts; Ignore the Rumors

Larry Thompson

9400 Municipal Pkwy.
Garden Ridge, TX 78266

Ph: (210) 651-6632
Fx: (210) 651-9638