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Animal Control
The City of Garden Ridge Animal Control serves the residents, pets and wildlife within the city. Animal Control provides animal control enforcement through the city’s Animal Control Ordinance and state laws. All animals that are brought into our facility are provided care as well as medical treatment if needed.

In addition to domestic animals the City of Garden Ridge Animal Control is responsible for wild animals in the city that have been trapped, injured or killed.


Animal Control is located in the Garden Ridge Public Works / Maintenance Facility. There are three indoor-outdoor kennels for dogs and a separate room with kennels for cats.

Every attempt is made to locate the owners of all dogs and cats that are brought into our facility. If an owner cannot be located, the animal will remain in our facility until relocation to a no-kill shelter, rescue facility, foster home, or new owner is made.

Garden Ridge Animal Control strives to provide low cost adoptions, supports the importance of spaying and neutering of dogs and cats to reduce the number of unwanted pets, and promotes responsible pet ownership.

Pet Registration
The City’s Animal Control Ordinance (Ordinance 18) requires annual registration of all dogs and cats in the City of Garden Ridge. There is a $5 registration fee and each pet is issued a tag. Registered pets can be returned to their owners quickly. If you have lost a pet please check with us, we may have it!

The Director of Public Works oversees Animal Control with one employee.

Steven Steinmetz
Director of Public Works

Eric Lowman
Animal Control Officer


9520 Municipal Pkwy.
Garden Ridge, TX 78266

Ph: (210) 651-6831 (24 hours)
Fx: (210) 651-9638