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Patrol Officer
SALARY: $21.32/hr (approx.)

OVERTIME: 1 ½ time hourly rate
VACATION: 10 days per year
SICK LEAVE: 10 days per year
HOLIDAY PAY: 8 hours extra pay for each City Holiday; 1 Floating Holiday per year
RETIREMENT: Texas Municipal Retirement System (City Contribution: 2 to 1) 20 Year
CERTIFICATIONS: $25 / month - Intermediate
$50/ month - Advanced
$100 / month - Master
LONGEVITY: $10/ month - For each full year of service
UNIFORMS: Furnished by Garden Ridge Police Department
WEAPON: Furnished by Garden Ridge Police Department
EQUIPMENT: Furnished by Garden Ridge Police Department
INSURANCE: Employee Dental and Medical Insurance paid by City
12 HOUR SHIFTS. Shifts rotate on 2 week cycle allowing 3 day weekend every other weekend. 




The Administrative Support Liaison is a highly responsible position with complex clerical and administrative support duties.  The position requires professionalism along with effective and efficient communications, service and assistance to Administration staff, the general public as well as elected and appointed officials.  This is a fulltime non-exempt position.
                               Job Description/Duties


Assistant Librarian
The Assistant Librarian performs a broad range of tasks including providing library services to the general public to include children, youth, adults and families.   This is a part time non-exempt position (25 hours/week) under the supervision of the Lead Librarian.

                               Job Description/Duties